Hello my friend,

Are you single and frustrated with the dating scene?

Do you pick the wrong partners or worse, let them pick you?

Do you find it hard to meet heart centered, relationship minded folks?

What is stopping you from having an epic, soul mate relationship?

I can help you if you have become frustrated and confused by the results you have been getting in the romance department.  I offer coaching for singles to help them to get crystal clear on what their strengths and challenges are, what they want in a partner, and how to attract a conscious, loving mate.

I am Samantha Catalina Sinclair and it has been my mission to help singles find lasting love since 1999, when I wrote a love advice column for Matchmaker.com.  Since then I have worked with many singles just like you who had once given up on ever finding love and helped them to find the love of their life.

It is NOT too late for you to find love–as long as you start NOW!

Imagine choosing a mate with whom you can be your true self and express your feelings, desires, and needs without fear of abandonment. Imagine the blessing of a loving and deeply fulfilling life partnership, where you and your mate enrich each other’s lives immeasurably.  Imagine a relationship where you and your partner nurture, encourage and support each other in good times and in bad.

Work with me and I will help you to:

  • Shift habits and thinking in ways that invite love into your life.
  • Awaken your presence, self-awareness, and sensuality as sources of power.
  • Master relationship skills so you can have the love life you so richly deserve.

Jump start your love life! 

Download Clear a Path to Love  mp3 and 7 Keys to Choosing a Mate  e-book to help you take the first necessary steps for finding that epic soul mate love you have always dreamed of.  Just enter your name and email address above in the top right corner and you will gain instant access.

I look forward to supporting you in finding the love of your life and a life that you love!


Samantha Sinclair,  Relationship Coach & Matchmaker

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10 Dirty Little Secrets About Happiness

10 Dirty Little Secrets About Happiness

My observation is that we want to be happy, but don’t know how.

This problem has been exacerbated by the messages in movies, television, and other influential media, that promote a consumer-oriented, immediate gratification society. We seem to feel entitled to be able to buy and get what we want with little effort on our part. We have been conditioned that happiness comes from the outside, by having enough money, the car we want, the job we want, the partner we want. Then, when we get what we want, we find that we aren’t happy!

Our relationships are not working because of this externalized, entitlement mindset. If we aren’t happy, it is our partner’s fault and the relationship isn’t working for us. I believe this is part of the reason for our divorce rate.

These dirty secrets of happiness are quite contrary to the messages found in the entertainment media, and I refer […]

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